The First Few Steps Bail Bondsman Services Help Jailed Family Members

Suspects of small crimes, such as driving under the influence or shoplifting, can have themselves bailed out. However, bail could be different for every case of small criminal actions. Crimes could see amounts raised from $10,000 to $100,000.

Parties concerned for the suspect, such as their family or close friends, could post bail on behalf of the defendant if he or she does not have enough for bail. If the amount is too high, private companies could act as a surety and post the cash bond on their behalf, the first of many ways bail companies could help jailed family members or friends.

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Ask The Attorney (Who May Also Get You A Discount)

If you or anyone close to you have committed a crime that goes beyond the qualifications for “release on citation” or “release on one’s recognizance,” they will need to post a cash bond. Bonds offered by businesses in this industry often cost about 10%.

A bond set at $10,000 would likely need a $1,000 fee for bail companies to post the bond on the accused’s behalf with this percentage. However, an attorney referral could introduce a discount, which is if you or the accused is using the lawyer’s services.

Discounts could have the accused pay only 8% to 6% depending on the attorney’s arrangement and relationship with the business.

Immediate Paperwork Handling

Once you or the accused gives the bail bondsman the clear to post bail, you or the third party representing you must pay the set percentage of the judge-appointed bail value.

Immediately, your bail agent would go through the process to post your bond. Within a few hours, most of the suspects bond businesses cover would receive their freedom given the accused agrees to the terms of the court and the business’ rules if any.

Most bail companies also offer flexible payment methods if the bail amount is set substantially high.

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Fastest Way To Gain Freedom

A suspect’s first option is to call their immediate family or friends to put together the bail amount. California’s penal code states that the state would refund cash bonds after the accused has gone through all court hearings. Despite the outcome of their case, the state would refund the money from one to three months after the final hearing.

However, putting together a cash bond would take time, which defeats the purpose of providing bail for freedom. A property bond is a good alternative, but it also takes much time to process; appraisers need time to conduct their surveys to ensure the state receives the equity it appoints.

Therefore, bail bondsman services are excellent if the accused want a fast ticket to their freedom.

Mounting A Proper Defense

Accused individuals who gain their freedom through bail have a better chance of proving their innocence. Suspects jailed in county prisons could not confer with their attorneys immediately because of limited jail phone calls.

Once you are free under bail and you intend to present yourself in court, attorney fees and the initial bond fee would be your only expenses. The court waives attorney fees to the opposing side if you prove your innocence.