Four Things You Might Not Know About San Diego Bail Bonds

When authorities arrest you or someone close to you, such as a family member, close friend or work colleague, gaining freedom is most imperative. However, the situation can become emotionally exhausting and confusing due to the initial shock brought by an arrest.

California’s private bail companies can help you get out of jail if you pay 10% of your set bond value. Somehow, the state of California’s bail laws leaves suspects of petty crimes somewhat lucky. However, you are luckier if you get to bail without paying a single cent.

Here are four things you might not know about California’s bail laws and bail bondsman services.

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Non-Monetary Methods Of Release

Authorities could release suspects for petty crimes without pre-existing criminal records with no need for bonds or financial guarantees. Cash bonds are set for repeat offenders to ensure they attend their scheduled trial, which they may have skipped in the past.

According to California’s Constitution, if a judge or a court handling your bail hearing trusts that you will present yourself in court, and have little risk of leaving the state or country before your hearing, the court may release you on your recognizance. You will provide a written promise to fulfill your duty to present yourself during your trial.

The court grants a release under one’s recognizance to suspects of petty crimes such as DUI or public obscenity, and non-malicious acts that led to manslaughter, given the suspect has no previous malicious criminal record.

Cash Bonds

California’s constitution grants the accused the right to post bail on his or her behalf using any means possible. Unlike in some states where third parties must post cash bonds for the suspect, in California, the accused can use his or her bank account or credit card to handle the initial amount.

The court will return your bail amount, regardless how high, if you attend each one of your court hearings. However, you lose your bail money if you skip even one court hearing.

Property bonds are similar to cash bonds, except it uses your property’s equity. However, it takes more time than using cash bonds or bail services because of its extensive appraisal process.

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Bail Bondsman Service

If you or third parties concerned for you, such as your family or friends, can pool enough money to post cash bonds for your freedom, you can refund the money within two years. However, not every suspect or their third parties have large bail amounts at the ready all the time. Bail bondsman services come in at this point.

As suspects would be using a service, they would be losing money to the profit of these companies. Often, these businesses would ask a 10% bail fee to post for your freedom immediately after a judge sets your bail amount. This amount is non-refundable.

A Plausible Discount

In some cases, an attorney who refers you to a bail bondsman service can grant you discounts. From a 10% fee, the business would ask you to pay only 8%. The amount is still high especially for cases with a bail amount of $100,000 or more.

Remember, you immediately lose this money if you use a bail service. You could also be in debt if you skip your court hearings and bail services have the right to subdue you using recovery agents or “bounty hunters.”