Bail Bonds: A Comprehensive Guide For The Uninitiated

Suspects granted the option to bail and gain their freedom likely committed illicit activities under the influence of certain legal substances or under desperate need, such as stealing or shoplifting. The absence of malice in the fore and afterthought of suspects grants them the possibility of lower bail judges would set.

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When authorities arrest you for a small crime, you are still innocent until proven guilty. However, California’s laws dictate that the state has the right to detain a suspect for questioning depending on the evidence and circumstances involved.

If it is your first time to attempt gain freedom through a bond, read this guide to completion.

Await Your Booking And Contact Your Immediate Party

After your arrest, authorities would appoint a county prison and queue you for booking. The precinct will capture a photograph of your face, and you would hold up a sign containing the allegations against you. The prison would assign you a jail cell and a prisoner number for the time being.

The authorities would grant you a phone call upon your request. You may call your concerned party, which could be your family, friends or a lawyer you trust.

Wait For The Judge’s Bail Appointment

If authorities arrest and book you on a Friday or weekend, you have a weekend-long imprisonment ahead because judges may set your bail only on weekdays.

Judges responsible for the precinct would look into your current file and your criminal history. Depending on these two factors would be the possible bond amount for your freedom.

If you are a first-time offender and have a small crime, you could pay for bail. If you convince the court that you will appear in all your trials, then you may be “released on citation” or “released on own recognizance.” You will fill some agreements with the state, and you will earn your freedom until your court hearing.

Choose Your Available Bond Options

In case you repeated one of any small crimes, such as you stole twice from the same grocery or committed manslaughter without malicious forethought or afterthought, you can post bail for your freedom. You have three options.

The court allows the accused to post cash bonds for their freedom. The defendants could post a check, use a credit card or use a personal loan to post the bond. Parties concerned for the suspects may collect and post the bond on the defendant’s behalf.

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Property bonds will use equities on the accused’s and support parties’ estate to post bail on the suspect’s behalf. However, this could take a few months as appraisers, and the entire paperwork process for equities is a long and arduous process.

California allows private companies to operate and shoulder suspect bonds if the latter can afford it. Bail bondsman services are the quickest way to earn your freedom, but it can be costly. Most services need a 10% bail fee to post the amount for suspects. The fee is non-refundable.

Consequences Of Skipping Court Hearings

Suspects who skip their court hearings could have additional cases charged against them. If they are working with a bail bond company, the latter will appoint fugitive recovery agents, well known as bounty hunters, to recover them and present them in court.

The bond company may also charge the individual the entire bail amount. California’s penal code will forfeit the bail amount if the suspect skips any court hearing.